In the distance I hear the car noises and the rain and I think of you (to be honest, I always do). I think of a hot and sparking summer and I think of a road trip just you and me. Just me and you. We will only take a backpack full of food and a heart full of love and we will go. Go far away from the world. We will travel all day long through abandoned fields and crowded cities. By the side of the road we will picnic and enjoy the weather. We will talk a lot and laugh all the time and we will get to know each other better than we know ourselfes. At the end of the day you will kiss me good night and we will fall asleep under the stars and the moon, in each other‘s arms. And after weeks of travelling we will find he I ruth.
It doesn‘t matter where we‘ll go.
In each other‘s arms will always be the best place on earth.